Switches - Oris

‘Intelli–I’ - smart LEDs have a life of 50,000 burning hours as against neon lamps whose life is generally 5,000 burning hours.
Compact module with a rib-less design ensures that more modules can be accommodated in compact wall box spaces. You can also save money by using smaller wall boxes for the same number of switches.
Safety and quality is assured with safety shutters in all power and data sockets, finger touch proof IP20 terminals, ISI mark on all switches and almost all sockets.
Guaranteed longer life - ORIS switches pass 1.5 lakh switching operations at full load under test conditions. FR grade UV stabilized polycarbonate enhances durability, fire resistance and colour stability.
Multiple clicks mechanism takes care of perfect installation even if the wall boxes are not installed properly inside the wall.
Improved pattern of terminations for ease of installation.

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