A O Smith RO Water Purifier

AO Smith uses its twin advance alert technology – sediment + pre-carbon and RO membrane + activated silver. Other than these, it has three important indication mechanisms – power on indication, tank full indication, and auto-flush indication. When the cartridge reaches 90% of its life, the indicator tells about its status. And upon reaching 100% of life the purifier stops the purification process.
AO Smith also incorporates advanced unique SSM technology, which stands for side stream membrane technology. This technology is very crucial in purifying water as well as removing the unwanted salts from water. It results in an increased life of the RO membrane.The side stream RO membrane is the very heart of the A. O. Smith RO water purifier. A patented RO Membrane, it uses the latest technology to ensure that you get water that is purified and healthy.
• 8 Stage Purification
• Mineraliser Technology adds essential minerals back to the water
• Hot Water at a press of button
• Made of food safe, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics parts

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